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Web Strategy and Consulting

Today the web is empowering everyone from consumers to corporations. The possibilities are endless. The advantages infinite. A website can be organized in such a way that it becomes a marketing tool, a supplemental method of communication, an internal database, an administrative resource or a combination of all of the above. Whatever the corporate needs are, without a directional focus and plan of attack those functions can be ineffective or, even worse, detrimental and frustrating for the end user. By asking vital questions we are able to determine the best possible development strategy for our clients. For example:

What is your target market?

What are the short-term goals and long-term goals of the website?

What are the objectives of your audience?

What kind of technology and tools are utilized by the audience?

Who is the competition?

Our research helps us to determine the framework for the site. We establish technical requirements to be used as a blueprint for the design, and we integrate our findings into a functional architecture. Once a strategy is determined, the rest of the site falls into place.